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Water based epoxy floor paint is the latest innovation in concrete coatings …

We are excited to bring you a new solvent free, water based epoxy floor coating product called SureFloor Enviropox, the latest innovation in concrete coatings.

SureFloor Enviropox is an epoxy coating application that can be used for covering the surface of concrete floors and vinyl flake flooring. It uses the latest water based technologies and contains no solvents which means it’s a safe epoxy coating with traditional hard wearing resistant and durability.

The harsh floor environment of commercial and industrial premises means having a floor surface that’s able to withstand things like heavy foot traffic, machinery, chemical and oil spills as well as scratches.

Getting a safe and hard wearing epoxy floor paint doesn’t mean you need to compromise on things such as colour and texture. With our new product SureFloor Enviropox you can have both a practical and an aesthetically pleasing floor surface.

A choice of Matt or Gloss finish means that you can have the floor texture you need and with a choice of clear or coloured epoxy floor paint there’s no need to be stuck with boring factory looking floors.

SureFloor Enviropox is a solvent free, water based epoxy floor paint system containing 40% solids. It’s low viscosity means this epoxy coating is easy to roll and it also has a low temperature cure.

You can be confident in using SureFloor Enviropox for areas exposed to harsh sunlight because of its resistant to ultra violet degradation. This makes it ideal for internal use behind windows.

Trade workers and DIY specialists working with vinyl flake flooring can use SureFloor Enviropox as a clear coat sealer or as a hard wearing colour sealer. For polished concrete or ground concrete flooring SureFloor Enviropox offers protection as well as enhancing the raw surface look.

Turn your concrete floors or vinyl flake flooring into a modern attractive hard wearing floor surface with this safe environmentally friendly product that’s completely free of solvents.

Whether you need concrete coatings for the home or for commercial use this new product will deliver a safe alternative to traditional solvent based materials while still providing a tough and hard wearing surface that is abrasion and scratch resistant.

For further information about SureFloor Enviropox epoxy concrete paint contact us or visit our factory showroom located in Burleigh on the Gold Coast.

* The above information is to be used as a guide only and Con-Treat accepts no responsibility for any consequence resulting from the advice contained herein or verbally.

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