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Introducing the new "SupaSander" concrete grinder.
Clean contaminated floors in a single pass, no bending over.
This is what you've been waiting for.

7 Reasons why the SupaSander will work for you.

  1. It will remove paint, plaster & a variety of adhesives in a single pass, cutting your preparation time in half.
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  3. The 4 rotating diamond heads give a smooth finish for direct sticking, without getting down on all fours to scrape.
  4. Eliminates the need to constantly replace expensive sand paper. Saving you down time & money.
  5. No need to buy new machinery as it attaches directly to your existing sander. ie: Polivac or Canterbury.
  6. Avoids you getting tired on the job and slowing down because of labour fatigue, so you get the job done quicker.
  7. Avoid the need to acid etch or scabble as it creates a porous substrate for the bonding of adhesives, saving you time and money on call backs.
  8. Cleaner floors than ever before, in half the time, with no aches or pains for your effort.

To Start Cutting Your Prep Time In Half Today...

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"I am extremely happy with the performance of the "Supa Sander" diamond plate. It has proven to be highly cost effective on countless projects. I have used it to level out concrete floors before laying vinyl planks & for removing acrylic adhesives from concrete slabs. A very handy tool that saves time & money."

Peter O'Leary - PDO Floors - Toowoomba

"I have been a floor layer for 33 years and have just purchased a "Supa Sander". It has become the most valuable tool to me for light to medium preparation work. It makes my work a lot easier and I will never go back to using sanding discs."

Tony Erhart - T.E Flooring & Grinding Services - Bundaberg

"I would like to thank you for your direction and advice in regard to the removal of pressure sensitive adhesive. The "Supa Sander" attachment you supplied worked a treat & has also proven very successful for many other applications. I recommend this to any other floor layer interested in saving time, money & labour fatigue."

Glen Sinclair - Asset Flooring - Brisbane

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