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Shark S250 Concrete Grinder – Compact and Aggressive, It’s the Perfect Preparation Machine!

For smaller projects and those hard to get into areas, The Shark™ S250 is the perfect concrete preparation machine. Built tough, it has no belts or pulleys, making all of the power available to the grinding plate for optimal performance.

The Shark™ S250 is the ideal companion for contractors or DIY projects that require removal of glue & paint, high spots or just general surface preparation. With a commanding revolution speed of 1440 rpm, it can grind between 35-70 meters per hour and it has an off-set rear axel that will allow you to use The Shark™ S250 as an edge grinder!

Additionally, the adjustable handle makes it compact and easy to store while providing the ability to find your perfect working position.

With a single phase, 10amp motor and addition of a water tank, The Shark™ S250 gives you the versatility to grind wet or dry. With safety top of mind, The Shark™ S250 comes with an emergency stop button, a 50mm dust port and a dust shroud as standard.

For additional protection in your workspace and when used in conjunction with a Shark dust extractor it gives you a dust free working environment.

The Shark™ S250 is considered the most versatile concrete preparation machine on the market and includes these stock features;

  • Swivel Edge Axel;
  • Height Adjustment;
  • 2.2Kw, 3hp Motor;
  • 50mm Dust Port;
  • Foldable Handle;
  • 1 x 10” Diamond Wheel
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