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Concrete Shield Wet Look sealer is a highly effective colour enhancer and offers heavy duty sealing protection against most stains. It works quickly to enrich and darken the surface to provide a natural wet look finsih. It can be used on interior and exterior applications in warehouses, restaurants, retail, shops and car parks.Wet Look Sealer


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Question - How soon can Concrete Shield Wet Look Enhancer be applied to fresh concrete?
  • Answer - The concrete must be at least 28 days old before applying.
  • Question - What is the best method of application?
  • Answer - Concrete Shield Wet Look Enhancer is best applied by spraying light coats and backwiping with a micro fibre mop. Spray a light coat, backwipe and wait approx 20mins. Touch up any drier areas in the same manner until a uniform colour is achieved..
  • Question - Can Concrete Shield Wet Look Enhancer be thinned down?
  • Answer - Yes, with no more than 20% xylene.
  • Question - Can Concrete Shield Wet Look Enhancer be used on highly polished concrete?
  • Answer - Yes. When applied to polished concrete any excess will need to be buffed with a slow speed polivac or similar using a red pad after 20mins. It can then be further buffed with a finer pad on a high speed burnisher after a further 12-24 hours.
  • Question - Can Concrete Shield Wet Look Enhancer be used on polished concrete benchtops?
  • Answer - Yes, however Australian standards require food grade benchtops to be sealed with a topical sealer.
  • Question - Can a densifier be used on porous concrete with Concrete Shield Wet Look Enhancer?
  • Answer - Yes, Fortis Concrete Shield Densifier can be used prior to installing Wet Look to help with porosity absorption, however the densifier will need to be left for a minimum of 3 days before proceeding.
  • Question - Can Wet Look Enhancer be used over Concrete Shield Enhancer?
  • Answer - Yes, however it must be applied before the concrete shield enhancer cures, normally within 24 hours. Always test 1st with a little concrete shield enhancer to see if it penetrates. If it does then ok, if not then it has cured and will not allow the wet look to penetrate.


* The above information is to be used as a guide only and Con-Treat accepts no responsibility for any consequence resulting from the advice contained herein or verbally.



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