Zip & Seal Pack

Zip Wall® is a system of adjustable spring-loaded poles that hold up sheeting to form a barrier, delineate a work zone or create a cutting room. Ideal for containing dust during renovations, refurbishments, demolition and maintenance in sensitive or occupied areas.

The Zip & Seal Pack comes with everything in the room kit plus a handy zipper access and the effective Tight-Seal rails.


  • 4 x Spring-Loaded Poles (1.4m – 3.8m)
  • 2 x Tight-Seal Rails (1.5m long)
  • 2 x Premium Zippers + Zipper Cutter
  • 1 x Carry Bag
  • 10m x 4m Containment Sheeting

For the full Zip Wall system also view Zip Wall Spring Loaded Poles & the Zip Door

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