Water Based Enhancer

Water Based Enhancer can be used as a first coat sealer to newly placed oxide coloured concrete and is also ideal as a colour enhancer on natural sand stone. Sealing coloured oxide concrete or sand stone is a two-day process. Apply the first coat using the Water Based Enhancer and then a final coat using Water Based Sealer the following day. This will enhance the coloured concrete or sand stone and will assist in the prevention of fading.

When cleaning and resealing old oxide coloured concrete or sand stone, firstly clean the surface with Con-Treat’s WB2 Degreaser and high pressure clean, then apply (whilst wet) the Water Based Enhancer. This will, in most cases, bring back the colour of the concrete. Then seal with a final coat the next day using Water Based Sealer.

When sealed with Water Based Enhancer, exterior concrete will not yellow when exposed to years of sunlight and interior concrete can be sealed with environmentally friendly non-toxic chemicals.

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Additional Information


  • Re-Seal every 3-5 years for best results.
  • Allow 5 days curing time prior to vehicle traffic.
  • DO NOT High-Pressure Clean concrete over 3000 psi.
  • Clean with soap & water and medium-pressure rinsing.