Swimming Pool Paint

Con-Treat’s Swimming Pool Paint has been the leading pool paint in Australia for over 20 years now. The range includes the traditional chlorinated rubber based swimming pool paint, as well as two pack epoxy systems. Both products are suitable for commercial and domestic pools and spas.

4 litre drum
10 litre drum

To test if you have Epoxy or Chlorinated Rubber, perform this simple test: Apply some thinners (xylene or turps) to a rag and rub a small section of the paint. If the rag turns the colour of the paint then it is Chlorinated Rubber, if not then it is Epoxy.

Typical Applications

  • Council Pools & Spas
  • High Rise & Resort Pools
  • Domestic Pools & Spas


  • Highly resistant to a wide range of chemicals
  • Suitable to continuous service up to 80 c
  • Durable & versatile
  • Easily applied & quick drying
  • Resistant to impact & abrasion damage
  • Resistant to fungus & bacterial growth
  • Single pack.

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