SurePaste Epoxy Repair

SurePaste is a high strength, thixotropic, gap filling paste adhesive. SurePaste has been specifically formulated to fill gaps, repair holes and an adhesive for the structural bonding of concrete, masonry stone, granite bench tops and ceramics. Choices of different fixture setting times with Part A, combining with a common Part B hardener, covers all bonding requirements and eliminates unwanted wasted adhesive.


Typical applications are; repairing concrete & patching holes in floors and walls. Toughened for structural bonding of masonry, FRP composites, timber and metals. Ideal for applications where the adhesive joint design is under stress movement.

Features:Australian Made

  • Develops high strength
  • Low shrinkage
  • Masonry adhesive
  • Rapid set (5 mins)

Kit includes part A and B hardener.

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