SureFloor PU

Product Description:

SureFloor PU is a two pack, uv stable polyurethane coating. A non-yellowing polyurethane available in a gloss finish. SureFloor Polyurethane has excellent flow and weathering properties with extremely high adhesion qualities to Concrete, Timber & Stone.

It has long wet edge, low odour and can be used in any application requiring a low maintenance, heavy duty, stain resistant concrete or timber floor coating. SureFloor PU is recommended as a top coat for Con-Treat’s seamless epoxy flake flooring system.

Available in:

  • Gloss – 4ltr & 20ltr Kits

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Additional Information


  • Non yellowing
  • Medium solids content
  • Extremely high adhesion
  • More than 2 coats may be applied in 1 day
  • Low odour
  • Tyre & scuff resistant
  • Interior / Exterior


  • If re-coat time exceeds 10 hours then sand prior to applying a subsequent coat.
  • Apply thin coats as per manufacturers recommendations.

When humidity levels exceed 75% proceed as follows

  • Leave re-coating until the following day
  • Thoroughly sand the 1st coat, then vacuum clean
  • Wipe down the 1st coat with Acetone or Xylene and allow to dry
  • Proceed with the 2nd coat.

Technical Data

Application Accessories

Frequently Asked Questions

How many coats of SureFloor PU are required?

Generally, only 2 coats are required, however due to the porosity of concrete, sometimes a 3rd coat is needed.

Can SureFloor PU be used on timber?

Yes, SureFloor PU can be used on both concrete and timber.

Can SureFloor PU be used over fibro cement sheeting?

Yes, as long as it is not pre-sealed and has some porosity to it.

Can more than one coat be applied in a day?

Yes, SureFloor PU can be re-coated within 4-6 hours, weather dependant.

Do you need to sand in-between coats?

If a subsequent coat is applied within 10 hours then no sanding is required.

If I miss the 8 hour re-coat window, what grit sandpaper do I use?

Let dry for a min of 16 hours and then use a 180 grit fine sandpaper.