Silicone Seal

Silicone Seal is a penetrating, natural look, Stone & Concrete Sealer. It is an alkali stable silicone resin in a hydrocarbon solution. Silicone Seal finds use as a high quality alkali stable repellent suitable for use a variety of substrates and application methods, from post treatment by the home handyman to in plant fabricated mineral-based construction materials.

Advantages:Australian Made

  • Reduction of water adsorption.
  • Reduction of efflorescence.
  • Reduction of lime erosion.
  • Reduction of water borne dirt pick-up.
  • Reduction of chemical vapour corrosion.
  • Reduction of frost damage.
  • Reductions of mildew, moss, and lichen growth.
  • Restored thermal properties.
  • Stable in high alkalinity substrates (concrete block, calcium silicate brick & sandstone)
  • Does not impart the “wet look” to treated surfaces or contribute to surface gloss
  • Can be used as a primer on concrete block wall prior to painting to reduce the effect of capillary action forcing the paint off the surface.

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