Spiked Shoes – Shoe In

Shoe In Spiked Shoes are the latest in coating application tools. They are designed for walking over wet epoxy floor coatings etc without damaging the coating. Replacement spikes for Shoe In Spiked Shoes are available on request.


Medium Fits – Size 9 & Under
Large Fits – Size 9 – 11
Extra Large Fits – Size 11 – 16


  • Lasts up to 20 times longer than a budget shoe.
  • Slips on easily without adjusting any straps etc.
  • Comfortable โ€“ Wear with your existing work boots or shoes.
  • Shoe-In stays tight while youโ€™re standing or kneeling with a wide stable base.
  • Time Saving โ€“ Allows you to take protective shoes on and off as needed.
  • No more frustration with straps, buckles, and adjustments.
  • They are light weight with added flexibility for bending over.
  • Allow easy application of epoxy coatings.

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