Shark S640-P

The Shark™ S640-P is a medium sized, three phase concrete polisher and is designed for projects up to 1000m2. It’s similar to the S460-P but has a larger grinding diameter of 640mm and a more powerful motor.

The Shark™ S640-P offers 3 diamond plate holders with an easy to use “quick change” diamond tooling system.

In order to maintain a dust free environment, the Shark™ S640-P also features an enhanced dust control system which includes a dust shroud and a dust connector which can be used with Sharks array of dust extraction machines.

And like all Shark™ grinders, it comes with a manufacturer’s 1 year general parts warranty.

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Additional Information

  • E2 High Grade WD 3 phase, 10hp motor.
  • 30 litre capacity water tank for the option of wet grinding.
  • Variable speed of 450-1680 rpms with a planetary drive gear box.
  • Weight is 267kg with an extra 40kg included for adjustable pressure control.
  • Ergonomically designed collapsible handle adjusts to your perfect working position.
  • Integrated LED light for low light conditions.
  • Phone holder, a USB port to charge your phone and a drink holder.
  • Includes 1 set of quick change diamonds.
  • 1 Year Warranty.

Technical Data

Diamond Tooling

Frequently Asked Questions

What size projects is the Shark™ S640-P ideally suited for?

The S640-P is a medium sized, three phase machine designed for grinding & polishing projects up to 1000m2.

Is the Shark™ S640-P suitable for polishing concrete?

The S640-P has been designed specifically for all aspects of concrete grinding and polishing.