Shark S480-D

The Shark™ S480-D is a direct drive concrete grinder with no belts or pulleys, making all of the power available to the diamond plate holder. Specifically designed for surface preparation work on domestic through to smaller commercial projects up to 500m2. It is ideal for glue removal, levelling of high spots, flattening floors and general purpose concrete grinding.

The diamond plate system allows for the easy change and the use of several different diamond wheels or diamond plugs.

In order to maintain a dust free environment, the Shark™ S480-D also features an enhanced dust control system which includes a dust shroud and a dust connector which can be used with Sharks array of dust extraction machines.

And like all Shark™ grinders, it comes with a manufacturer’s 1 year general parts warranty.

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Additional Information

  • 240 volt, single phase, 3hp motor.
  • A running speed of 360 rpm’s with a grinding diameter of 480mm.
  • 15 litre water tank for the option of wet or dry grinding.
  • Weight is 160kg with an extra 23kg included for adjustable pressure control.
  • Adjustable handle makes it compact and easy to store.
  • Includes 1 set of diamonds wheels.
  • 1 Year Warranty.


Technical Data

Diamond Tooling