Shark 250 Concrete Grinder

The Shark 250 Concrete Grinder is the perfect concrete preparation machine. It is a compact, aggressive concrete grinder making it ideal for smaller projects and those hard to get into areas. With no belts or pulleys, the Shark 250 delivers all of the power available to the grinding plate for optimal performance.

The power to weight ration makes it the ideal machine for glue & paint removal, removing high spots and general surface preparation. With a revolution speed of 1440 rpm it can grind between 35 to 70 meters per hour. The Shark 250 Concrete Grinder has an off-set rear axle that will allow you to also use it as an edge grinder to cut within a few mm’s of the wall. The adjustable handle makes it compact and easy to store while providing the ability to find your perfect working position.

Testimonial – “Andrew’s advice was relevant and I purchased the Shark S250 as per our discussion. The delivery was very prompt and when I unpacked the machine everything was spot on, will definitely deal again.” Wally Moszko

Powered by a 10amp, single phase motor and with the addition of a water tank, the Shark 250 gives you the option to grind wet or dry. It comes with an emergency stop button, a 50mm dust port and a dust shroud. When used in conjunction with a Shark Dust Extractor it gives you a dust free working environment

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Additional Information


  • Diamonds – 10″ Diamond Wheel
  • Grind – Wet or Dry
  • Edge Grinding Option
  • RPM – 1440
  • Weight – 65kg
  • Production – 35 to 70m² per/hr
  • Power – 10amp, Single Phase
  • Includes – 1 Diamond Wheel

Technical Data Diamonds & Accessories Frequently Asked Questions

What size projects is the Shark™ S250 ideally suited for?

The S250 is the perfect preparation machine, making it ideal for the smaller project and those hard to get into areas.

Does the Shark™ S250 run off a normal household power point?

Yes, the S250 is a single phase machine that runs off a 240volt, 10amp power circuit.

Is the Shark™ S250 suitable for polishing concrete?

The S250 is better suited to general grinding and preparation. For polishing the Shark S460 is the ideal machine.