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PowerCap Infinity Respirator

The PowerCap Infinity Respirator is the latest and most technically advanced personal respirator on the market and complies with all of the relevant Australian Standards. It is a fully integrated TH3 powered air respirator offering 4 of the highest levels of protection in one head mounted unit (respiratory, head, eye and face). It gives the wearer complete above the neck 4 in 1 protection. The PowerCap Infinity is the perfect choice for many industries where dust poses a great danger to health. Severe health affects of prolonged dust inhalation include silicosis, lung cancer, kidney disease and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease as outlined by the Cancer Council Australia.

The PowerCap Infinity Respirator protects the wearer against dust inhalation and can help prevent conditions such as silicosis which can be caused by concrete grinding or cutting  products containing silica. The wearer is notified by an electronic beep to alert them that the filters need replacing, therefore eliminating the possibility of filter failure and breathing toxic air. Ear protection (an optional extra) can a be mounted to the side of the helmet for 100% head protection. The PowerCap Infinity Respirator removes the need for face fit testing by ensuring that a high volume of clean air is delivered to the breathing zone giving a superior level of protection. JSP tested the effect of facial hair on the mask seal and found that facial hair does not impede the effectiveness of the PowerCap Infinity.

*Ear defenders sold separately
* Replacement filters and pre-filters are available.

  • Adheres to all Australian Standards.
  • No need for continual “face fit tests”
  • Unaffected by facial hair
  • Positive air flow powered respirator
  • 4 in 1 protection
  • High capacity HEPA filters
  • Panoramic impact visor
  • 8 hours of battery life
  • Easy disassembly, cleaning and maintenance
  • Item Code: BLACK Version CEA646-001-1AN
  • Item Code: WHITE Version CEA646-000-1AN

4 in 1 Fully Integrated Protection:

1. Head Protection

Built around an EVO5 industrial safety helmet combing a super strong ABS shell for superior all day protection with the comfort of the Evolution 3D-Adjustment harness system.
Conforming to: EN397

2. High Efficiency Filters

High capacity HEPA filters coupled with aerodynamically optimised pre-filter covers ensure the PowerCap Infinity delivers 160 litres per minute of clean air to the user with maximum battery efficiency. Filters can be changed easily with the quick-change bayonet system.
PowerCap Infinity provides users with clean air to the level of EN12941:1998 + A2:2008 TH3P – The highest possible rating with an APF of 40.

3. Panoramic Impact Visor

The optical class 1 visor offers impact protection against small objects at speeds of up to 434 Kmph (270 Mph). This test was conducted using a 6mm steel ball bearing. The visor has a replaceable peel-off visor protector to prolong its life.

Conforming to: EN166.1.B

4. Ear Defenders

Developed to seamlessly integrate with Sonis® helmet mounted ear defenders. Designed by the JSP R&D team working with a leading UK acoustic engineering research facility, the Sonis helmet mounted range peaks at an unbeaten level of 36 SNR.

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