Nilfisk VHS 42 Dust Extractor


The Nilfisk VHS 42 is a superior performing dust extractor due to the combined efficiency of the InfiniClean filter cleaning system and the PFTE long life filter. The VHS 42 is classified hazardous dust class M for all health-endangering dusts with OEL-values, all carcinogenic dusts and dust contaminated with germs and bacteria.  For applications like industry and trade sectors such as concrete grinding, chemicals, plastics, pharmaceuticals, mining, paper and textiles.


  • Nilfisk InfiniClean system automatically cleans the filter during operation using reversed air-flow pulse and keeping up a constant high performance
  • Improved airflow and suction power with more than 15%
  • Higher air velocity in hose and nozzle
  • Reduces downtime significantly, as container can be filled up without filter maintenance – even in demanding fine dust applications


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