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Moisture Proof

Moisture Proof is a simple to apply, single part, liquid moisture barrier and densifier for concrete. Application is by pour & spread or spray application. A soft bristled broom is used to spread any pooled areas and to obtain even coverage. It penetrates deep (up to 100mm) into the concrete’s capillaries where it forms an internal moisture barrier. This non-destructive colloidal gel is permanent and able to withstand hydro-static pressure.

Moisture Proof is extremely cost effective and replaces messy & time consuming two part epoxy moisture barrier systems. It has a long shelf life, allows early access with minimal site disruption and is traffic-able within one hour of application. Floor coverings or preparation work can be carried out 24 hours later in a majority of cases and it has been designed for use with concrete of any age.

Simple application, cost effective, no mess, concrete moisture barrier.

*Some basic facts about colloidal silica.

Features:Australian Made

  • Non-Toxic Eco Friendly
  • Almost Zero VOC
  • Environmentally Safe
  • User Friendly
  • Odourless
  • Non-Flammable

Note: CRACKS are always a problem for the installer. So often the client is asking for the installer to take risks and responsibility for repairing cracks that should be referred to the engineer or builder for a recommended crack repair procedure that takes away the responsibility of possible failure from the installer.

This is especially the case in regards to structural cracking where the void is full depth of the concrete. In this case, Moisture Proof should be applied first before applying your normal crack repair system. In most cases, cracks are not full depth and are only micro or surface cracking, commonly caused by rapid surface drying or plastic shrinkage which would be not effect the efficiency or the result of Moisture Proof.

It is worth noting that Moisture Proof is not designed or makes claim to fix cracks, however there are many applications where moisture has migrated through cracks of 1mm (even with hydro-static pressure present) that have been eliminated permanently.

Further Information:

Hydro-static pressure or green concrete contributes to 85% of flooring failures, according to the Building Services Authority. The QBSA has countless claims of flooring failures each year, mostly due to moisture issues.

These could be avoided by completing a simple moisture test on your concrete. A majority of floors are never moisture tested, which is a very quick and easy test to complete.

To conform to the Australian standard (AS1884‐2012), concrete must have a reading of no greater than 75% relative humidity.

As a general rule of thumb, concrete will dry at approximately 20‐25mm per month in an average environment. That means that a slab of concrete 100mm thick can take 4‐5 months of drying time to conform to Australian Standards.

Concrete is like a sponge and will continue to absorb water if present. When exposed to rain, locked up in a building or has a curing agent applied, this will further increase the drying time. Higher elevations of relative humidity will slow drying times even further.

Hydro-static pressure comes from underneath the concrete and moves its way through the concrete via the capillary voids in the matrix of the concrete. It can come from things such as a hidden spring running underground, high water tables or low lying flood land.

Once a floor covering has been installed, it will draw any moisture to the surface and if there is no means of escape will react with, and break down the bond of the subsequent floor covering..

Waiting for the concrete to dry isn’t really an option due to the lengthy time delay. Concrete moisture barriers such as Moisture Proof should be applied to prevent any future issues.

What is the coverage rate of Moisture Proof?

Moisture Proof will treat approx 4m2 per ltr, porosity dependant. If the concrete is a low Mpa or is porous/open in nature, then more product will be required.

What size pails does Moisture Proof come in?

Moisture Proof is available in 5 ltr & 15 ltr pails.

How long until I can walk on the concrete after an application of Moisture Proof?

Typically within 1hr of application, it is dependent on the porosity of the concrete.

Does Moisture Proof comply with Australian Standards?

Moisture Proof conforms to the moisture suppressant requirements as per AS1884-2012.

Is Moisture Proof compatible with subsequent coatings and adhesives?

Yes, Moisture Proof is compatible with all coatings and adhesives.

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