Mapei – Planiseal MR

Mapei Planiseal MR is a two component water based epoxy primer and moisture barrier suitable for green concrete and damp substrates. It is an extremely versatile water based epoxy resin compound for use as a primer and protective coating to resist and prevent moisture transmission through mineral substrates. Suitable for applications directly over damp surfaces and freshly installed green concrete, screeds / cementitious toppings. Planiseal MR exhibits excellent positive and negative hydrostatic pressure resistance. Once cured, subsequent waterproofing membranes, adhesives and other finish coats can be applied.

Technical Data:

  • Consistency: liquid.
  • Colour: light grey (semi gloss when dry, matt when aged)
  • Drying time: re-coat in 2 – 4 hours
  • Application: apply finish after 24 hours
  • Cure: full cure in 7 days
  • Mixing ratio:  1 : 1
  • Storage: 12 months.
  • Application: Roller
  • Consumption: 300-400ml/m² per coat
  • Packaging: 10 litres (A+B) and 20 litres (A+B) units.

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