Ligno Tec RH

The Ligno Tec RH Moisture Meter has been specifically designed for taking in-situ RH readings in concrete. The RH BluePeg can be used as a measuring device for ambient relative humidity and temperature or placed in a measuring sleeve, which can be inserted into a pre-drilled hole in the testing area.

Designed for contractors, flooring installers and building restoration. To be used in connection with the RH BluePeg Sensor for in-situ moisture readings in concrete.

The Ligno Tec RH has a connection built-in for the RH BluePeg sensor to take in-situ moisture measurements that conform to (AS 1884-2012).

Kit consists of – The Ligno-Tec RH, RH Blue Peg, RH Cable, 10 x RH Sleeves, Caps (Carry Case Optional).

*Case and sleeves sold separately.


  • Easy operation.
  • Depress SET Button to check settings.
  • Timed On/Off Switch.
  • Reading Hold facility.
  • Use up or down buttons to correct settings.
  • Pocket-sized, easy-to-use.
  • Heavy-duty yet light-weight construction.
  • Battery powered
  • 2 Year warranty

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Additional Information


Battery One 9V battery
Size 60 x 120 x 25mm
Weight 200g
RH BluePeg RH BluePeg probe required for relative humidity testing in concrete
PROPERTIES: RH Mode Using RH probes in concrete is the ASTM approved method to test concrete before installing any type of floorcovering. Lignomat’s RH BluePeg is totally inside the sleeve, and therefore can be left until the test is finished, removed and reused. RH Range: 0-99%, Temp: -15 to 95 degrees C.