Gloss Meter

Gloss Meter for determining the gloss level of polished concrete…

A Gloss Meter will accurately assess the degree of shine of your polished concrete floor. Specifications for polished concrete are now including specified gloss readings, determined using these meters. Gloss values express the degree of reflection when light hits the concrete floor surface. Values range from 20 to 30 (low gloss) to 70 to 80 (high gloss). A gloss value of around 30 will generally produce a low-satin sheen while a value of 80 will produce a very high shine, especially after high-speed burnishing.

Level Grit Sheen Level Gloss Reading Appearance
1 100 Dull N/A Floor has little, if any, reflectivity.
2 400 Low Sheen 40-50 From a distance, floor will start to reflect images from the side. Floor has a whitish or cloudy appearance.
3 800 Shiny but slightly cloudy 50-60 At a distance of 10 to 15 mtrs, the floor reflects from side to side. Floor starts to shine, but has a slightly fuzzy appearance.
4 1500-3000 High sheen with clarity 60-80 Looking straight down on the floor, it clearly reflects overhead and side lighting. The floor is very shiny and looks wet from a distance.

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