Product Description:

Featureflor Levelling Compound is a white resin modified, fast setting, chemical cure, cement based compound used as a decorative flooring screed. Its smooth consistency and high fluidity allow ease of placement, troweling and finishing.


Designed for internal use on properly prepared concrete, terrazzo and ceramic tile substrates as a decorative flooring finish. Featureflor Levelling Compound is naturally white in colour, however can be tinted with water based pigments or oxide if required. Can also be mixed with marble aggregate and polished or ground to give a terrazzo appearance. Ideal for wear and impact resistant floors in hotels, cafes, retail stores and residential applications.


  • Polishable
  • White base but can be coloured
  • 5mm to 50mm thickness
  • 40Mpa strength
  • Chemical cure
  • Rapid set (2-4hrs)
  • Can be coated with sealers
  • Can be tinted with pigments/oxides (we do not supply)

*Ensure to prime with either Super Prime or Kemcrete

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