Epoxy Flake Flooring

Product Description:

Epoxy Flake Flooring is a unique decorative  system consisting of; SurePrime Epoxy Primer, SureFloor HS Epoxy Base Coat, coloured Polymer Flake Chips and SureFloor PU, UV stable polyurethane top coats that have been specifically selected to complement each other. The SureFlake system forms a permanently bonded, resilient, seam-free, durable, attractive seamless epoxy flake floor for a variety of areas.

The SureFlake finish is extremely durable and resistant to scratching, scuffing and cracking while also being resistant to most solvents and oils. The absence of grout and joint lines in a seamless epoxy flake flooring system enhances the clean ability, catering to hygiene and provides a bacteria free environment.


  • Garage Flake Flooring – These are a durable, easy to maintain, low maintenance  floor with the option of a variety of different colour blends.
  • Domestic Flake Flooring –  A flake floor is suitable for use in all areas of your home, including external garages, patios, workshops, the home office and entertaining areas.
  • Commercial Flake Flooring  – The SureFlake system is a hygienic flooring option which is a low maintenance and cost effective solution for retail stores, offices, food preparation areas, showrooms, storage areas, amenities blocks, schools and childcare centres plus much much more…

The SureFlake system consists of:

  1. SurePrime
  2. SureFloor HS Epoxy
  3. Polymer Flake Chips
  4. SureFloor PU Top Coats

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