Epecrete is a multipurpose, water based, three-part epoxy moisture barrier. Epecrete has excellent adhesion to most correctly prepared building surfaces such as brick, block, concrete and masonry. It is ideal used as a dampproofing membrane on concrete floors prior to floor coverings being installed where moisture exceeds the Autralian Standards. It will also stop dampness in cellars, basements etc.

Epecrete has a water vapour transmission (WVT) rate of 14g/m2 @ 24 hours when properly applied and cured. All subsequent floor coverings or paint must have a higher WVT than Epecrete to ensure no vapour condensation build up.

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Technical Data

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the coverage rate of Epecrete?

Epecrete is applied in 2 coats at approximately 9m2 per ltr.

What size kits does Epecrete come in?

Epecrete is available in 12ltr kits.