IDEAL FOR…. Nursing homes, hospitals, mortuaries, dairies, stables, animal shelters, boarding kennels & catteries,veterinary rooms, swimming pools, sauna rooms, piggeries, freezer and coolrooms, show grounds…

Densi + Anti Microbial has all the same benefits of our original product Densi Crete with an anti microbial additive that restricts the harbouring of dangerous microbes, bacteria and disease. Densi + Anti Microbial is a one coat spray on system that deeply penetrates (up to 100 mm and beyond) into the matrix of the concrete providing permanent waterproofing and concrete sealing. Densi + Anti Microbial withstands a minimum of 35 m of Hydrostatic Pressure and can be effectively applied on the positive or negative side of concrete structures.

Densi + Anti Microbial will even travel into concrete against water flow (hydrostatic pressure leakage) to permanently stopwater / free moisture leakage. There is minimum site disruption, allowing other trades to be able to work in the area within 1 hour of installation without compromise to the product. Densi + Anti Microbial is user friendly, environmentally safe and is a one time permanent application.

  • No downtime
  • No disruption to trades or site access
  • Trafficable in 1 hour
  • Apply floor coverings inside 24 hours

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Densi + Anti Microbial Advantages:

  • Restricts the growth of mould, microbes & deep seated disease.
  • Permanently waterproofs new or old concrete.
  • Purges out years of contamination and odours from old slabs.
  • Tested to 35mtrs of Hydrostatic pressure and 70 mtrs in the field.
  • Protects against urine and chemical ingress.
  • Will accept floor coverings or coatings after 24 hours.
  • Early access, trafficable in 1 hour, minimum disruption.
  • Environmentally safe and user friendly.
  • Permanently improves the strength and integrity of your concrete.
  • Non Toxic, Zero VOC, Non-Flammable & Environmentally Safe

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