Crack Fix Polyurea

Crack Fix Polyurea is a two-part rapid cure, hybrid polyurea, elastomeric joint and crack filler. Industrial strength suitable to fill and protect joints in warehouse floors, airports, highway tunnels, shopping malls and manufacturing facilities. Ideal for industrial concrete floors subjected to heavy hard-wheeled vehicles. Crack Fix Polyurea is also perfect for spalled joint repair, random joint filling and patching.

Features:Australian Made

  • Rapid Cure
  • Trafficable 60 mins
  • Flexible
  • 100% Solids
  • Zero VOC

Completed projects include:

  • Southbank Promenade
  • Airport Link Tunnel
  • DFO Shopping Malls
  • Highway Tunnels


  • Ensure that the Crack Fix is warm. Either leave in the sun or warm with a heat gun.
  • Vigorously shake the cartridges before dispensing.
  • Always discard the 1st 30mls of a new cartridge.

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Technical Data Accessories Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to prime the joint prior to installing Crack Fix?

It is always good practise to use an epoxy primer on joints where movement of the concrete is likely.

How much Crack Fix will I require?

As a rule of thumb, 1 kit of crack fix will fill a crack 10mm wide x 10mm deep x 6 lineal mtrs.

How long until I can install epoxy etc over or return to service after a crack fix installation?

Allow approximately 3-4 hours in warm weather, 5-6 hours in colder weather