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"Concrete substrates must be dry before installing floor coverings"

The new Australian Standard (AS 1884-2012) for floor coverings has been released and requires that all concrete substrates and screeds be tested for excess moisture. To comply, you need a reputable concrete moisture and timber moisture meter.

Con-Treat stocks a full range of concrete moisture meters and timber moisture meters specifically designed to meet the requirements of the concrete and timber flooring contractor.

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We’ve also developed this FREE guide on how to prevent moisture problems on your next project.

Lignomat Moisture Meters

Non Destructive Moisture Meters for Concrete, Timber and Building Materials


Inspection Kits for In-Situ Testing of Concrete - Conform to (AS 1884-2102)

Key reasons for using moisture meters for flooring include:

  • Detection of water migration toward the surface.
  • To test the surface and mid-section of concrete slabs.
  • To reduce the chances of excess dampness in wood & concrete sub-floors.
  • To identify potential for de-lamination in synthetic floors.

Prevent structural damage with moisture meters for flooring

One of the most common causes of floor covering failures is excess moisture in concrete substrates. It causes problems like; floor coverings delaminating from the concrete, condensation, blistering and a breakdown of the adhesive to name a few. Accurate testing with moisture meters prior to installing over concrete can avoid these costly problems.

Excess dampness in timber flooring causes the timber to cup and swell which can put pressure on the rest of the floor leading to failure and possible structure damage. Mould growth is very common when timber is exposed to moisture and often goes unseen. A majority of dampness related issues with timber can be avoided by ensuring that the concrete substrate has sufficiently dried to meet the Australian Standard for floor coverings. Once again, it is wise to buy moisture meters for flooring.

With years of experience in the concrete and timber industries, Con-Treat has developed a range of meters that are practical and have reputation of quality in the industry. Our range enables successful testing for concrete, timber and other substrates to conform to all standards. If you are looking for moisture meters for sale, call Con-Treat today!


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