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Determine the hardness of the concrete prior to grinding or polishing...

MOHS hardness test kit

If you don't know the hardness of the concrete, you won't know what bond to use. If you use a soft bond diamond on soft concrete, they can disappear in 50m2. If you use a hard bond diamond on hard concrete then the machine just skates on the floor and the diamond tools will glaze over. Use a MOHS test kit to determin the hardness of the concrete before you begin.

  • Four double-ended picks with eight points comprising 2,3,4,5,6,7,8, and 9 on Mohs’ hardness scale
  • A Glass Hardness Plate (hardness of about 5.5) which, when scratched, quickly distinguishes hard from soft minerals.
  • A second Hardness Plate with a hardness value of 3.5.
  • A 100 grit Grinding Stone to keep the points sharp.
  • Streak Plate for testing a mineral’s streak color.
  • Magnet to test magnetic rocks such as magnetite and pyrrhotite.
  • An attractive and sturdy carry case for using picks at the job site.
  • Hardness Table for 300 Minerals.
  • Complete Instructions.

How do you use the hardness picks?

Simply scratch the surface of your concrete with the picks of various indicated hardness. As an example, if a No. 5 pick scratches the concrete, but a No. 4 pick does not, then your concrete’s hardness is 4.5. Then compare this against the included table of minerals listing hardness values to aid in determining which bond to use.


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