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Dust extraction tools & extraction systems supplied throughout Australia. With industry expertise and a range of quality dust extractors for concrete grinding and surface preparation, you can’t go past Con-Treat. We have systems to suit all grinders, shrouds and surface preparation equipment with focus on individual needs. Call 1300 044 625 today to buy dust extractors!

Why you need dust extraction tools on site!

Silicosis is a lung disease with no known cure and is mainly caused through breathing concrete particles.

The top 6 commonly made mistakes that cause dangerous airborne particles when grinding concrete are:

  1. Grinding concrete or cutting concrete dry without a extraction unit
  2. A poorly designed dust shroud or damaged and incorrectly adjusted seals
  3. Inadequately sized extraction units with low air flow or blocked filters
  4. Empting dust into larger bins in the open air or not using sealed bags attached to the unit
  5. Cleaning of filters in the open air
  6. Using a broom to clean a floor rather than vacuuming

Solutions for concrete particle control

Only ever use the highest quality shrouds. Check your extractor filters regularly with small extraction units and whenever you notice particles escaping from underneath the concrete grinder. Use the correct size extractor to suit the area size of your shroud.

Only ever use dust extraction tools to clean the floor as sweeping a bare concrete floor or one that has just been diamond ground will create a lot of very fine airborne particles that are detrimental to your health. Plastic bags fitted and sealed to your extractor can avoid unnecessary exposure to damaging airborne particles.

Buy dust extractors with a self-cleaning function to help avoid shaking filters in the open air when cleaning them. Never use compressed air to remove concrete particles from filters, rather wash the filters if they allow. Con-Treat's range of shrouds for angle grinders has been specifically designed for this purpose and do not require a high-powered extractor for them to perform properly.

To buy dust extractors of the highest quality – contact Con-Treat today!


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