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Designed for New / Clean Concrete!

Densi + Repeller has all the same benefits of our original product Densi Crete with a repeller additive that prevents the ingress of water and assists in maintaining clean concrete. Densi + Repeller is designed for brand new, clean concrete and the sooner you get it on, the better. The best time to apply it is right after the finishers come off, since it also provides a superior concrete cure. This is because Densi + Repeller holds the hydrates in, allowing more cement to ultimately be used. What this means is you don't have to wait 28 or even 45 days or more to protect your concrete. It can be protected immediately.

20 advantages to using Densi + Repeller

water repller

  1. Provides a more abrasion and crack-resistant surface
  2. Remains resilient during movement
  3. Provides increased density
  4. Resists oil, while repelling water
  5. Enhances surface traction
  6. Resists freeze-thaw damage
  7. Provides easier ice removal
  8. Improves fungus and mildew resistance
  9. Enhances surface bonding quality
  10. Eliminates or significantly retards efflorescence
  11. Requires no special surface maintenance
  12. Waterproofs concrete internally as well as externally
  13. Makes concrete virtually impermeable
  14. Reduces dusting
  15. Preserves concrete's integrity
  16. Improves thermal and acid/chemical resistance
  17. Provides internal humidity stability and restricts vapor transmission
  18. Increases strengths
  19. Eliminates internal water migration
  20. Lowers chemical reaction and creep deformation potential

Note: This product is not recommended for older concrete, even if it looks perfectly clean. The main product, Densi Crete, decontaminates concrete as part of its action. That means it pushes up contaminants to the surface in a process that can be immediate or can take days. The sealing ingredient, Repeller seals the surface so well and so quickly that the contaminants will then be trapped just below the surface, causing an unsightly stain. If you are seeking both integral permanent waterproofing and a surface sealer, we recommend that you use a two-step process: First, apply the Densi Crete, then after the contaminants have risen and been washed away, apply Repeller.

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