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Latest technology in water-based sealers, Pro Seal 896, resolves major visual defect issues for large development company – Croft Developments.

Pro Seal 896 is a revolutionary water-based product that can be applied to a wet surface, with the specific purpose of sealing the concrete to avoid unsightly stains and damage incurred during the development process.

Croft Developments Pty Ltd (CDL) is a family owned, Registered Commercial Builder specialising in the design, development and construction of single and multiple story aged care facilities throughout metropolitan and regional Victoria, NSW, Queensland and the ACT.

Matt Craig – Project Manager of Croft Developments was having issues with visual defects from concrete cracking during the curing regime and wanted to keep concrete free from stains and damage throughout the development process.

Matt researched the market to find a cost-effective, water-based acrylic sealer, that could penetrate into the matrix of the concrete and deliver a lasting shelf life and incur minimal maintenance efforts ongoing.

Con-Treat in collaboration with Water Based Sealers Pty Ltd, proposed Pro Seal 896 as the remedy solution to the issues Croft Developments was experiencing. With distinct advantages such as;

  1. Exceptional oil resistance;
  2. Breathable sealer;
  3. Extremely easy to apply;
  4. Can be applied to a wet substrate;
  5. Environmentally friendly;
  6. Reduction of efflorescence;
  7. Reduction of waterborne dirt pick-up;
  8. Reduction of chemical vapour corrosion;
  9. Reduction of frost damage;
  10. Reductions of mildew, moss, and lichen growth;
  11. Stable in high alkalinity substrates.

Pro Seal 896 is not only the perfect sealer for Croft Developments but also for large commercial car parks, factories, large warehouse floors and general-purpose concrete and stone sealing projects.

As a result of the Pro Seal 896 application, surface cracking and staining was virtually eliminated. The concrete keeps its original appearance without any damage from other trades during the construction process.

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