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Waterproofing protection for new or old concrete ...

"From time of concrete pour to finished floor, Con-Treat has you covered". Our range of concrete waterproofing products not only cure the concrete but will also waterproof the concrete and allow for early access for subsequent floor coatings.

Whether the concrete is suffering from hydro static pressure or still just drying out, we have a product to suit.

As a general rule of thumb, concrete dries at approximately 20-25mm per month based on 100mm thick concrete drying from one side. With this in mind, a 100mm thick concrete slab will take approximately 4 months of drying to conform to the Australian Standard for applying floor coverings to concrete.

According to the Building Services Authority, 85% of flooring failures are due to the presence of moisture in the concrete from hydro-static pressure or green concrete. The BSA is inundated with countless claims of floors failing due to moisture. When this happens it ends up costing you time and money.

So to help you we’ve sourced a range of unique concrete waterproofing products that can be

1. Applied at the time of pour or after onto new or exciting concrete.

2. It provides permanent waterproofing by penetrating the concrete up to 100mm into the substrate and creating a permanent waterproof barrier …

We’ve also developed this FREE guide on how to prevent moisture problems on your next project.


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