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Hydration Maximizer for Extraordinarily Impermeable, High Performance Concrete!Duracore LogoAustralian Made

  • Increase's tensile and flexural strength
  • Greater density and less permeability
  • Reduced leaching and efflorescence
  • Uses all of the cement in your mix
  • Stronger bond of concrete to steel
  • No bleed water if properly mixed
  • Quicker and easier placement
  • Makes concrete more durable
  • Better freeze thaw resistance
  • Less shrinkage and cracking
  • Reduces slab curl

Mix Water Additive ingredients promote lowest permeability, in the shortest period of time, subsequently leaving the smallest most segmented capillaries possible, using your mix design.

Where Mix Water Additive concrete admixture is used in a mix starting with a 0.55 water/cement ratio by weight, the resulting water/cement ratio, following placement, will be equivalent to a 0.45 - 0.42 water/cement ratio or less, due to Mix Water Additive's unique cement hydration capabilities utilizing more already included cement content. This generates extraordinary volumes of cementitious material, greatly improving concrete's permeability factor rating.

Mix Water Additive ingredients also promote extraordinary homogeneity of the produced cement paste, an action which minimizes bleed-water coming from inside the paste itself. During consolidation and setting, where internal bleed-water is present, there is possibility that bleed-water migrating upward can become trapped under horizontally stratified grain surfaces of aggregates. Bleeding and inefficient packing of cement paste around affected aggregate, can cause voids to be formed. These type of voids are not filled during hydration, creating a zone that can be more porous than the entire matrix would have been without the presence of these voids.

This situation even further promotes existence of initial bond micro-cracks at interfaces between aggregates and cement paste. When micro-cracking in concrete remains localized, and is not continuous, this is not an extremely serious situation initially, except from the probable low compressive strength standpoint, however, over time, volume changes, freeze-thaw and wetting-drying cycles, fatigue, alkali-aggregate reactions, etc. all tend to increase interior, and possibly exterior cracking. These crack networks serve to facilitate permeation of liquid contaminants, ions and gases which destroy concrete's integrity and corrode reinforcement steel.

A more defect free concrete is produced where Mix Water Additive is utilized in the mix water, due to significant improvement in the make-up of cement paste mortar. Since Mix Water Additive is added to mix water, prior to mixing it with cement. It has the distinct advantage of being present at the exact same moment that water and cement make contact, greatly improving the hydrolysis reaction's by-product quality, such as calcium hydroxide, etc. The use of Mix Water Additive ensures only the finest quality cement paste attainable is being initially produced, paste which almost immediately begins coating aggregates. The higher-quality paste significantly improves the concrete's final paste-to-aggregate bond quality, ultimately producing a much higher quality concrete installation, both externally and internally, that is extraordinarily more defect free than it would have been without Mix Water Additive. Also, improved paste-to-aggregate bond quality helps to increase concrete's flexural and compressive strength values.

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