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Application tools for a wide range of coatings & sealers.

Magic Trowel

Magic Trowel

Width = 450mm & 600mm

The Magic Trowel is used to smooth the surface of applied cementitous overlays, particularly overlays of a more fluid consistency. Also great for spreading a wide variety of coatings and sealers.

Spiked Rollers

Spike Roller

Width = 600mm & 900 mm
Spike = 12mm

Spiked Rollers are sold as complete assemblies (no pole) with frames in standard form. Replacement roller refills are available.

CAM Gauge Rakes

Cam Gauge Rake

Width = 600mm & 900 mm
Available CAMs = 3mm, 5mm, 6.5mm & 8mm

The CAM Gauge Rake is a must have tool for the decorative concrete and floor coating contractor. It is a tool which applies a range of materials at a precise, specified and uniform depth. It has a "radial" edge CAM design which maintains uniform coating thickness, even at varying handle angles and lengths.

The CAM Gauge Rake is sold separately in two parts – the CAM frame and the CAM sets.

Wire Gauge Rakes

Wire Gauge Rake

Width = 600mm & 900 mm
Adjustable Depth Wires = 0mm - 16mm

Radial wires eliminate chatter and vibration common with pin-type gauge rakes and provide uniform material thickness even at varying handle angles and lengths. Adjustable aluminum bar can be set to any thickness between 0mm and 16mm. Replacement Wires Available

Rubber Squeegee's

Squeegee Frame

Width = 600mm
Rubber = Notched or Straight

Solvent-Resistant "Clamp-Style" aluminum frame with a threaded handle adapter and gusset bracing. Clamp allows users to change blades more easily than "bolt-through-the-rubber" style squeegee frames.

The squeegee frame, handle and rubber is sold separately.

Spiked Shoes

Spike Shoes Spike in Shoes

Available in Large & X-Large slip in shoe or one size fits all strap in shoes. Designed for walking over coatings without damaging the coating. Replacement spikes and straps available.

Hopper Gun

Hopper Gun

Hopper Gun for spraying coatings, micro flake, quartz etc.

Fits to an air compressor for even coverage of coatings etc.

Durable and very easy to use.

Air Compressor

Air Compressor

Compact, light weight, easy to use air compressor.

2.5 HP motor with a 40ltr storage tank. Ideal for small applications in decorative concrete, handyman etc.


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