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Concrete Acid Stain's that are a unique product in the Australian decorative flooring industry. Made with ethanol, they are the only stain on the market that are NOT made with hydrochloric acid, making them safer to use with no dangerous fumes ...!

Even though our Concrete Acid Stains are different in formulation from others, they still provide exactly the same marbled look and a natural finish. As they are formulated differently, they have the added benefit in that they do not produce as much residue, eliminating the need for neutralising.

Turn old concrete into a work of art, or take your new concrete project to a new level with Concrete Acid Stains. Our Concrete Stains provide you with one of the most unique looks in the decorative concrete industry and may be applied to new or existing concrete, stamped concrete, decorative overlays and virtually any cementitious substrate.

How our concrete stains appear on a grey background

Blue Acid Stain Brown Stain Green Stain Red Stain Tan Stain Black Stain

How our concrete stains appear on a white background

blue on white brown on white green on white red on white tan on white black on white
Acid Stained FloorAcid Stained HallwayAcid Stain Room

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Question - Will the acid stain look exactly the same as the colour on the web site?
  • Answer - No, dilution and lime content will effect the colour. Always do a test patch 1st.
  • Question - How old does the concrete need to be before applying acid stains?
  • Answer - The concrete needs to be a minimum of 14 days old before applying acid stains.
  • Question - Can I use a metal spray bottle to apply the acid stain?
  • Answer - No, you MUST use plastic spray bottles.
  • Question - Can I use hydrochloric acid to wash the concrete prior to using acid stains?
  • Answer - No, acid washing will deplete the lime that is required for the stains reaction in the concrete.
  • Question - What is the best way to prepare the surface of the concrete?
  • Answer - Sanding with 80# sand paper or high pressure cleaning. A clean porous surface is required.
  • Question - If using Moisture Proof, should it be applied before using the Acid Stain?
  • Answer - No, all Acid Staining should be done prior to applying Moisture Proof.
  • Question - Can Acid Stain be used on a polymer based levelling compound?
  • Answer - No, there is generally an insufficient lime content for a reaction to occur, however they can be used on a cementious overlay that doesn't contain polymers.
  • Question - Can Fortis Enhancer or Wet Look penetrating sealer be applied over Acid Stains?
  • Answer - Yes they both can, however the Wet Look in particular will give the best result.
Note: Con-Treat's Acid Stains are a reactive stain that contain no hydrochloric acid, therefore eliminating the need for neutralising. They do however require a mop with clean water to remove any residue. If you are using any other acid stain then neutralising will be required. Do NOT use baking soda to neutralise, only use a alkaline soap or if this is not available, use a mix of plain water (19ltr) and 2 cups of household ammonia or bleach with a few good squirts of dish washing detergent.

* The above information is to be used as a guide only and Con-Treat accepts no responsibility for any consequence resulting from the advice contained herein or verbally.



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