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Lustre Polish is an extrememly durable, high gloss coating designed to be applied over Lustre Crete & a variety of surfaces for the ultimate shine and protection.

Lustre Polish

Lustre Polish is an easy to apply, high solids, water based acrylic coating designed to enhance the likes of concrete, vinyl, Lustre Crete and a variety of other coatings. It will increase Lustre Crete's gloss level to extremely high gloss with the more coats applied. Lustre Polish can be buffed between coats for an even higher shine. Lustre Polish can be applied to such surfaces as concrete, vinyl bench tops and vinyl flooring. It will keep floors looking new without the need for a continuous maintainance program. Non yellowing, fast drying and is easily removed with a floor stripper. Lustre Polish is non flammable, odourless and environmentally friendly.


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